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CFTC Leveraged Money Positioning Update for the Week to Feb13

Key Positions/Changes:

  • The number of combined long positions in major USD currency pairs has experienced another notable increase, primarily driven by a significant rise in short positions in the Japanese Yen (JPY). Conversely, long positions in the British Pound (GBP) among leveraged players have been raised once more, reaching their highest level since October 2023.

  • In the meantime, short positions in Bitcoin have been marginally increased, reaching their highest point since the beginning of the year.

  • In the equity markets, leveraged investors have continued to decrease their substantial short positions in the S&P 500, bringing them to the midpoint of the range observed over the past year. On the other hand, leveraged players have raised their short positions in Nasdaq futures to 37,557 and in Russell futures to 32,206.

  • In the rates futures market, leveraged investors have reduced their combined short positions in US Treasury futures from record highs. These reductions were observed across the 5, 10, and 30-year futures, while positions in 2-year futures remained unchanged.


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