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CFTC Leveraged Money Positioning Update for the Week to Feb06

Key Positions/Changes:

  • The number of combined long positions in major USD currency pairs has seen a significant increase, driven by a substantial rise in EUR and CAD shorts, along with a shift from long to short positions in CHF. Shorts in EUR among leveraged players have reached their highest level since October 2022.

  • Meanwhile, short positions in Bitcoin have remained stable at 9,464 contracts, despite the upward pressure from increasing ETF inflows.

  • In the equity markets, leveraged investors have slightly reduced their significant short positions in the S&P 500, bringing it down to 427,806, as the SPX neared the critical 5,000 mark. Conversely, leveraged players have increased their short positions in Nasdaq futures to 33,934. Notably, leveraged money has raised its long positions in SPX Utilities to the highest level on record.

  • In the rates futures market, leveraged investors have overall decreased their combined short positions in US Treasury futures. Specifically, short positions in the US 10-Year Treasury were reduced, while shorts in the 5-year Treasury and US 30-Year Treasury futures saw an increase.


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